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Medical Image Database

Biomedical Engineering Unit of Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology presents a database of ultrasound images of breast cancer provided by the Department of Radiology of Thammasat University and Queen Sirikit Center of Breast Cancer of Thailand. The database includes ultrasound, Doppler and elasticity images along with the ground truth hand-drawn by leading radiologists of these centers. The images are free to download and can be used for training and verification of image segmentation algorithms. If you use one or a series of the images, please, site the source as "Rodtook, A., Kirimasthong, K., Lohitvisate, W., Makhanov, S.S. (2018) Automatic initialization of active contours and level set method in ultrasound images of breast abnormalities. Pattern Recognition, Vol 79, pp 172-182".

The project is sponsored by Thailand Research Fund, grants BRG5780012, RSA6280098 and Center of Excellence in Biomedical Engineering of Thammasat University. 

Sponsored Research Projects

Diagnostic of Breast Cancer: Continuous Force Field Analysis for Ultrasound Image Segmentation. The project offers a new approach to segmentation of ultrasound images of the breast tumors based on the active contour method combined with a new force field analysis techniques and fusion of ultrasound, Doppler and Elasticity images. The new algorithm extends these ideas to a variety of practical examples of the breast or liver tumor segmentation from noisy images and to the cases when the contour is initialized far from the boundary (Thailand Research Fund).

Biomed SIIT

The main objectives of the BioMed are to develop reliable and practical applications in the biomedical engineering, produce joint research papers, conduct an efficient collaborative supervision of graduate students and arrange for cooperation with other faculties of TU and other research groups and universities in the country. The unit attracts computer science experts working in the field of biomedical applications and researchers working in practical medicine to find common grounds and joint applications. Usually, such units are

Register and Upload Images

This database has been established to support comparative studies on automatic segmentation algorithms of ultrasound images. The database will be iteratively extended. The professionals working in the field of medical image processing may  create an account and upload three types of images: Ultrasound, Doppler and Elasticity images along with the ground truth. In the near future we will extend the database to the retinal images and CT scans of the brain. To register your interest, please provide us with a verifiable e-mail and a few details of yourself.

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