Sponsored Research Projects

Diagnostic of Breast Cancer: Continuous Force Field Analysis for Ultrasound Image Segmentation. The project offers a new approach to segmentation of ultrasound images of the breast tumors based on the active contour method combined with a new force field analysis techniques and fusion of ultrasound, Doppler and Elasticity images. The new algorithm extends these ideas to a variety of practical examples of the breast or liver tumor segmentation from noisy images and to the cases when the contour is initialized far from the boundary (Thailand Research Fund).

Five-Axis Computer Aided Manufacturing of Dental Implants. The project aims to create an easy to use and inexpensive system for producing dental crowns using multi axis milling machines. The methods will be adapted to the specific demands of dental machining. The optimization makes it possible to produce the crowns faster and more accurate as compared to conventional rapid prototyping and general purpose CAD/CAM systems such as DentMill and CEREC (National Research Consul of Thailand).

Diabetic Retinopathy Screening System About 6,000,000 people need to have their eyes scanned for diabetic retinopathy each year. Thailand’s total of 800 ophthalmologists is clearly outnumbered. The project offers an automatic computerized image processing system to help the doctors to screen the patients (National Research University Project).

A real-time motion estimation technique using unit gradient vectors (Thammasat University).

Automated retinal image analysis for glaucoma detection (Thammasat University).

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