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The main objectives of the BioMed are to develop reliable and practical applications in the biomedical engineering, produce joint research papers, conduct an efficient collaborative supervision of graduate students and arrange for cooperation with other faculties of TU and other research groups and universities in the country. The unit attracts computer science experts working in the field of biomedical applications and researchers working in practical medicine to find common grounds and joint applications. Usually, such units are

organized and run by medical experts who invite computer scientists to computerize their solutions or computer scientists who want to run their algorithms on real world examples. The idea of this unit is different: the computer scientists and medical experts offer their vision collaboratively, producing interdisciplinary research.

The unit is focused on


  1. Obtaining research funding and support from national and international funding agencies.
  2. Consolidating biomedical research within SIIT and TU by collaborative interactive efforts among researchers with complementary backgrounds, skills, and expertise.
  3. Publishing high quality research papers in top international journals.
  4. Helping young faculty members to start up and develop academic research and applications.
  5. Organizing international research conferences and workshop.
  6. Organizing training courses and research seminars.
  7. Finding sponsorships to award the best student research works in this area.
  8. Providing PhD and postdoc scholarships in biomedical engineering


The long term objectives include


  1. Educational programs in collaboration with other schools such as the school of Dentistry of Thammasat University, or the Department of Radiology. The Master or Ph.D. program aimed at particular aspects of Biomedical Engineering and possibly sponsored by the industry serves this idea.
  2. Developing solid self supporting research groups dedicated to particular aspects of Bioengineering or Biomechanics.
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